Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goa 1

If there is one place in India that I love, love and love (I can scream that million-billion-trillion times) is GOA!

I make sure to visit the place atleast once a year, with or without my family or friends... I have, infact been there on a solo trip as well!!! Love it so so much!

And I'm in love with its culture, the zeal, the passion you feel in its air...!!!

And at last but not the least its fashion... the style that you get to see there is just so indescribable... You don't get to witness so much fashion and style anywhere in the country... Right?

Here is a series of pictures from the first day of my last trip to Goa...

P.S. Guess, I am going to go again after seeing these pictures... soon!!!

Top and hot pants: Myntra

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