Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hyderabad Literary Festival' 2017

Hyderabad witnessed its 7th literary fest last week! I would not say it was fabulous, but it was not even disappointing. It was nice... Guess, thats the word, Nice...

Anyway, so it was held in Hyderabad Public School (HPS), one of the most famous schools in our city. 

I went on the 3rd and the closing day of the fest, which honestly I still regret! Because, that day there were no authors. And when you go to a literary fest, you go with an expectation of meeting a lot of amazing authors, listening to them, talking to them!  And I could not meet any! And that was really a disappointment!

Anyway, so the fest was full of music, dance, cultural events, theatre, film screening, art, paintings, talks, conversations, panel discussions, readings, workshops, exhibitions and book launches (off course). It was basically celebrating creativity in all its forms!

The festival was in its seventh edition, as I mentioned above, was a much bigger and more sumptuous affair with around 30 literary events spread over three days (27th Jan to 29th Jan) with six panel discussions, and eight literary sessions every day. 

There was a huge range of interactive art, cultural events and exhibitions! HLF pays special attention to one Indian language in each edition and this time, the focus was on Tamil language. 

I got to see Shamir Tondon perform. He is best known for his music in Madhur Bhandarkar’s National Award Winning Trilogy: Page 3, Corporate, and Traffic Signal.

He was there with The 6 pack band, who won the prestigious “Grand Prix Glass Lion” at Cannes in 2016. We saw them performing and needless to mention they were just astounding!

Sharing few pictures with you!

My dress: Neerus
Jwellery: Got it from Kolkata
Sunnies: Rayban
Ring (if you can see): thehypeshop

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