Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Story of a crop top!

I am an impulsive shopper! Period...

I see things, I like them and I just buy them, without any second thought and I end up regretting it most of the times! :(

And the top I am wearing in the below pics is one of those impulsive hauls. Yep! I did not wear it for around an year, but then a fine day I just thought to use it somehow! And tried it with a Saree and Voila! beautiful it looked... Something so chic, so modern, extremely quirky!

Check it out :)

Do let me know your thoughts...

Top: Craftsvilla
Saree: Amazon
Earrings: The Hypeshop

P.S. A confession: neither me nor Shalini is into makeup :( 
P.P.S Our makeup kit have: Kajal, Eyeliner and Lipstick! Yep, I am serious...

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