Sunday, April 30, 2017

Hair care in summers

Over the years I have slowly switched to paraban free sulphate free shampoo to avoid stripping my hair of its natural oils. I do not blow dry unless absolutely necessary like maybe 2 - 3 times year , if I do then it is usually in cold setting. I also do not use hair products or setting sprays . Over the years I have figured natural ways of curling my hair by scrunching or over conditioning if I want it straight.                        

I swear by coconut oil (virgin). It does wonders for your hair and skin. I use Schwarzkopf moisture kick spray to keep it moisturised during those hot summer days when hair tends to dry out in the sun.

For those who gym and feel the need to wash your hair often , give your hair plain water baths and limit shampooing to twice a week.

Organic argan oil which is readily available in the US , is my split end and dry end saviour (apart from regular split end trimming). Just a few drops applied to hair ends regularly. It is not too oily so u can go out with it.

I also use the occasional curd and lime mixture on my hair which keeps dandruff at bay.

For those who use a lot of hair products I advise the use of clarifying shampoo once a month to break down the chemical build up on hair.

Last thing is stimulating hair massages  - love em.

The only chemical abuse my hair goes through is hair colour once a year - but I also try to follow it up with good hair care which includes weekly conditioning at home and weekly oil massages at the salon...

Try these tips and i am sure you will notice a remarkable difference in the quality of your hair :)

- Shalini

Friday, April 7, 2017

Taking care of your skin in summers

I had always been very careless regarding my skin. I mean very very careless.

I used to buy all sort of creams and cosmetics and never shied away from experimenting them on my skin. Until last summers, when I suffered from horrible acne!

And trust me, that is when I got to know why girls call it a nightmare. I was unable to relax, sleep or even be happy. It just takes away all the positivity and happiness from your life. I am NOT exaggerating and that is when I started doing some very basic things for my skin and it helped.

First, let me answer the question that would be popping up in your mind: how did I get rid of it? I tried every damn thing under the sun, which had even a bit of mention that it would be helpful in curing acne... But nothing helped. So, the first tip: do not search on internet and go for those stupid ideas to get rid of acne: oats, lemons, Cetaphil, essential oils, toothpastes, ice, garlic, steam, aspirin masks, honey, baking soda and including all the medicines and creams. They are just a waste of money.

I can vouch for it because I have suffered from it and have tried all of those.

When nothing worked, I went to a dermatologist and tada! In 3 months, my acne was gone. So, all I would suggest is to meet a dermatologist whenever you face the issue of acne. Because there could be many reasons including the medical ones for it, especially hormonal imbalance which is very common in us: women.

And as I mentioned above, creams, cosmetics they promise a lot of things but till date I have not seen any cream that does wonders to your skin, atleast the way they show in ads. So, please do not trust these creams and stop blowing your hard earned money on them.

In fact, I was a compulsive shopper but never a reckless one. I used to read a lot of reviews on internet before buying any cosmetics, specially the expensive ones. But all in vain! I got to know later, many of them were paid reviews! What is the use of reviews, if you can't trust them? So, I just stopped reading all these reviews on net

And, finally started relying on home remedies. Now, my skin care regime is:

Pack: Multani mitti (Fuller's earth) and sometimes, egg masks
Cream: I have recently started using Patanjali's aloe vera gel and anti-wrinkle cream and I wouldn't say there were any miracles but they are good, much better than those expensive creams which do nothing! Absolutely nothing...
Face wash: Clean and clear
And for eyes, I use a little vaseline or castor oil under the eyes before sleeping and trust me, its just mind-blowing. I have been using these since last one year...And I am very happy with the results
Sunscreen: Lotus SPF 50 (What so ever I never ever go out without a sunscreen!)

I try drinking a lot of water and green tea, eat a little amount of salad (recipes I will share in my next post) and at least 2 fruits every single day to make sure that I get all the required nutrients.

And that's it! You really do not have to pester yourself for taking that 'extra' care of your skin. You and your pocket both can smile and be happy!

P.S. The money I used to blow on cosmetics every month, amounts to adding up 3 extra dresses in my wardrobe! You thought I save it? Really!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Detox Yourself

We are sure you would have heard about this word called 'Detox'. Actually, if you just google it, you will find millions of articles on the same... 

And today, we are here to talk about the same so-talked topic called Detoxification.

First question, what is detox? Now, we are not going to give you any bookish language. We will tell you what it means to us, and what it does to us.

Detox is basically a process that cleanses your system. Period. It cleans and clears up all the toxins from your body. 

Actually, I even read somewhere that a detox only works if a person makes lifestyle changes to clear their body of toxins. We don't think so. There is no need to change your habits or anything. Just introduce a bottle of detox water in your regime every single day and it will make sure to flush out all the toxins and bad things from your body.

And it works! Trust us....
 The benefits? Well, there are just many, we will list down the ones we felt:

A Renewed ability to cope with stress 
You will feel extremely light

I am not getting my regular headaches
Increased energy throughout the day
Controlling cravings
Giving your body the micronutrients it needs (most important ones!)

And the best one, it makes your skin look so fresh and good... Try it out guys.

I am listing down the basic detox water that I make at home and I take this instead of plain water the whole day:
Fill a 1 litre bottle with water. Now, just put in the following things in it:

Water melon/pineapple
One small piece of Orange
Lemon (a small piece)
Few mint pieces
A very small piece of ginger

And thats it! Just place the bottle in the refrigerator for a night and have this water the next day.

And please do not increase the quantity, I did that once and the water tasted aweful! 

I prepare some 3 bottles every night :)

And I am seeing the results and just loving them! 

You can also go for a complete body detox, which is a step-by-step process that focuses on each organ involved in ridding the body of toxins. 

A complete body detox is a long and committed process but can be rewarding. 

If you’ve never performed a detox, then we would recommend to first try the above mentioned detox at home and then, gradually you can go for the complete detox

I have tried one from

They have various packages which are listed below. So, they provides you various detox juices and teas for every single day and you are not supposed to eat anything for those days. Yes, nothing you can eat!

1 day - which wont work
3 days - this is the one I tried and It’s a total body detox that will help you eliminate toxin accumulation and feels great. But the only side-effects are a bad headache and sweat! 
7 days - Havent tried this one, but I am sure if 3 days one is so awesome, this has to be pretty good. But then fasting for 7 days is little too much. 

Hope this piece on detox helped you... Do let us know your feedback :)


Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 1 of Fitness: Tips

The road to fitness begins today with morning yoga. 

Start small... start slow.

Baby steps!

I also plan to workout at the gym this evening for 45 minutes - alternatively you can go for a walk if gym is not your thing.

Follow it up with a good breakfast to kickstart your day.

Did you know that Idly is considered to be one of the most nutritious breakfast in the world? What are you waiting for?

The rest of today will be a light lunch with 1 roti/small cup of rice and more of curry and dal and a glass of buttermilk.

Evening snack - 1 toast without butter and a cup of tea without sugar.

Dinner is fruits and oats. 

Tip of the Day: Avoid anything with sugar just for the week and feel the difference. You can indulge your sweet tooth on sunday as a reward for being good the whole week! 

- Shalini  

P.S Shivani is lazily busy being a sloth and still thinking about her fitness regime. And yes, sorry to forget she is also busy in cribbing about having no added sugars, which means no tea, no coffee, no brownies, no desserts...

April - We made it our fitness month!

Sooooo….we are back and this time with an April fitness challenge! You can follow us for a daily update on our progress and alternatively we would like you to take up this challenge along with us. We encourage you to at least try some of this for 2 weeks if not for an entire month and share your experiences with us. 

Watch this space for interesting tips on nutrition, skin and haircare for summer. 

P.S We will reveal our before and after weights after our one month. Lets hope for the best! 

Join us in the challenge