Monday, June 19, 2017

Wardrobe woes and how to overcome them!

Why is my wardrobe so cluttered and full but I always seem to have nothing to wear?

We all seem to have this very important question popping up every time we look at our closets. We ponder over it and decide that the answer lies in buying more clothes. The already stuffed closet is now bursting and the cycle continues...
I decided to get to the bottom of this one step at a time and started with decluttering and organising! Mind you, this is no easy task and not even a quick one. You have to put some time aside but it is eventually worth it!
1. I first took out every single item from my closet and placed it in a pile.
2. I went through everything I had and put aside outfits that needed fixing or discarding.
3. sorted the rest in a few main categories:
tops - subcategorised into workwear, outing, party, blacks and white(I own a ton of these) and of course workout wear
Camisoles/ tanks
Bottoms - subcategorised into jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, palazzos, jumpsuits etc
Dresses - short, long
Club/party wear
Ethnic - all kurtas and bottoms sorted separately, sarees, lehengas, blouses
Jackets / sweaters
Of course lingerie/shapewear( I keep them categorised too! You can include swimwear to this category or if you are a hoarder like me have a separate box for swimwear!
You can create whatever categories that work for you.
4. Fold and put them back neatly categorywise.

..... and voila .... I could see most of what I had and I knew where to find what I wanted without having to uproot the whole closet!

Some tips to keep it organised:

1. Always put back outfits in their respective places. This hardly takes a few extra seconds and saves you pain in the long run.
2. Try to plan your outfit for the next day the previous night. Keeps you from rushing and pulling out everything last minute.
3. Find an extra hanging space outside for outfits that you plan on wearing more than once.
4. Keep a small Fix-it box that contains any garment that needs fixing/alteration which can be completed at a later time.
5. Anything that you do not use on a daily basis like resort/vacation wear, swimwear, winter wear, heavy sarees and party wear etc can be boxed up and stored away if you are short on closet space.
6. Always, always, always
Happy wardrobe organising !
PS: next up, will do a peice on organising and caring for footwear 😊 the easy way!
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