Monday, August 21, 2017

Make your home bright and colorful

And we are back with another post and yes, after ages! We try so hard to be regular, but then my job and Shalini's involvement with so many movies take away most of our time :(

Anyway, today's post is really different, its not about style, cloths, accessories or fashion. Its about designing your home... Yes! I recently revamped my house and just loving it, so thought to share some ideas and stuff with you all...

So, this time I filled my house with loads and loads colors - cushions, books, coffee mugs, grass, plants, candles, paintings, Buddha statues, Vases etc. I made it so bright and colorful that it only reflects happiness and positivity...

So, let me share some pictures first:

I have a huge living room, which is kind of rectangle in shape. Now, my taste is really funky, I loveeee colors and brightness. I divided my drawing room into two parts - 1. very colourful and bright and 2. sober and classy one

The above picture is the long shot of the colourful and bright part of my house. Here is a  closer look:

This is my reading area!

Bought this mirror from krafted with happiness

Most of the stuff in this picture is from Chumbak

The candle stand in the above pic is from lifestyle and the kettle is from Flipkart

I have also made a small garden in my home - with load of miniature house, pond, trees, boats, ducks etc and some succulents - they are so easy to maintain and look so amazing!

Have a look at some pictures and yes, not to miss my favourite Buddha fountain!

 I hope this post gave you some ideas on how to design your home - if your taste matches mine

Feel free to comment in case of any questions, queries or just to say hi :)


- Shivani


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