Friday, January 12, 2018

10 best see through/ clear/ transparent bags

We are back with another post and this time its all about Bags!

I love bags and I have a quite a good collection of them (Ask my husband!)

Anyway, the clear or see-through bags are back in fashion and last night I bought one. But I had to really struggle to find one on Indian websites. Though there are many choices available on and other websites outside India. 

So, I thought to list down the ones I really loved here on the blog, to make it easy for everyone to buy one (if needed). Have a look:

1. Steve Madden - Bgeneva Transparent Sling Bag (This one is my fav!)
Price: Rs 3500
Click here to buy

2. FOREVER 21 Lime Green Solid Tote Bag
Price: Rs. 1049
Click here to buy 

3. FOREVER 21 Women White & Pink Transparent Backpack
 Price: Rs 1899
Click here to buy

4. Rainbow fur clear backpack (Totally loved it!)
Price: Rs 1699
Click here to buy

5. Sparkling Detail Clear Grap Bag With Clutch
Price: 1365
Click here to buy: 

6. Origami Lily: Clear Holographic Sling
Price: Rs 395
Click here to buy 

7. Acrylic Transparent Clutch
Price: Rs 999
Click here to buy: 
8. FOREVER 21 Women Fluorescent Green Transparent Backpack
Price: Rs 1699
Click here to buy: 
9. FOREVER 21 Women White & Coral Clear Backpack
Price: 1799
Click here to buy

10. Transparent Women Clutch

Price: Rs 599

Click here to buy

Hope you liked them. 

Happy Shopping :)


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