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Chemical Peels? Creams? Do they really help?

So, this is not a regular post about any product or skin/ hair care... I just wanted to share my personal experience about few skin problems that almost every girl faces and then, I really wanted to talk about the solutions that I tried to get rid of them - did they work? did they not? You will get to know eventually in this post :)

Recently I suffered from a bad acne on my forehead and honestly, it's not a very good and comfortable feeling, It's disturbing! Honestly, it's very depressing. Really... And once you have seen it happening to u, somehow you always live with this fear of getting your perfection being distorted. Perfection - the perfect skin and the perfect body. 

But then as you grow up, you start realizing that we are normal people, real people and its natural, its completely ok to have dark circles, to have acne now and then, uneven skin tone, a bit of pigmentation, blackheads, age wrinkles, hair fall, grey hair, frizzy hair. All these are normal for real people. No? Nobody wakes up with perfect flawless skin and perfect hair. Do they? Then why do we make it such a big deal? Then why do fear them so much that we get scared of even the idea of getting any of those. 

A little weight can give you sleepless nights, 2 pimples can take away your peace of mind, Little patches on the skin can create a havoc in your life. Why? Well, I will say the partial blame goes to these stupid creams and serum ads who promise to eliminate all your wrinkles, make your skin even, flawless, perfect, shiny, white... what not and also, some goes to the extent of making you look 10 years younger. BTW, I never understood this concept. If I am 30, I am perfectly good to look 30, why the hell would I want to look like a 20-year-old? Let 20-year-olds handle that zone.

I have dark circles, major ones and around 5 years back I took this really expensive treatment from Kaya. And trust me it did NOTHING. did absolutely NOTHING. and when I asked them about the results by the end of the treatment, they said we did not promise you 100% results, we said it will be somewhere between 30-40% (which is invisible, completely!). And I was like flabbergasted and that was the day I decided never ever will I take any treatment for any of my skin issues. 

Not just that, some years back I took these peel treatments from a very renowned dermatologist in Hyderabad (I wouldn't want to mention her name) and each session used to cost me some Rs. 3500. I took around 7 sessions. It was for sudden acne that I got. And that was my first time with such a major acne and so, it just disturbed me to the hell. Trust me that was the worst phase of my life, not because of acne, but because of the mental stress that I went through because of it. I stopped going out, meeting people, getting clicked... 

And again, the treatment did nothing. In fact, I felt it aggravated the whole thing, so I went to another doctor, he asked me to take some hormonal tests and ultrasound etc. And that is when I came to know that I had some hormonal imbalance, I took the required treatment and trust me it was all gone in just 2 months! It was all clear. 

And that was my 2nd experience with all these peels and chemical treatments. Guys its a waste of money. Trust me. In fact, the number of creams and serums I have used you cannot even imagine and take my word for it, they are of no use. I have used almost every cream under the sun for my dark circles, for the fine lines (eye area and laugh lines) that I am starting to observe, for uneven tone, they were all a waste of money.

These creams/ these expensive treatments do not help your skin in any which way. They just burn a hole in your pocket. With some creams, you might see a visible difference immediately but they can cause major skin problems in the long run (I have faced that too!). So, avoid using all these cosmetics and creams. 

Dont get fooled by those before and after (photoshoped) images :)

Better is to go organic way - naani ke nuskhe - remember. Yes, they are the best. Since I have started using these, I can really feel the difference in my skin. Few days back I wrote a post on it... You can check it out here

Also, if you notice something really unusual happening to your skin like sudden acne, pigmentation or your color becoming dull, best is to see a dermatologist or a regular dr. There are chances that you might have some internal issues or probably some deficiencies. It happened with me. If its internal, no cream is going to help. 

But all I want to say is its ok to be normal, with all these so-called flaws. Its completely ok to want to look good, to try to fix all the imperfections that you feel you have by taking treatments or by makeup. But the thing is in the end, you will have to embrace who you really are. You will have to learn to love those imperfections because whatever you do you cannot get rid of them completely (as I said they are normal and natural).  Probably for a short duration you can, but what about tomorrow? You will face them someday, so start loving who you are in real, start loving yourself with all that you have. Start embracing your real self - your dark circles, your skin, your body. Be healthy, eat well, be fit and that is all that matters in long run and yes, do not forget to smile :) Happy people are the prettiest and that's a fact!

Do let me know what you think your imperfections are :) Mine, I have already revealed them all in this post :)

Also, never ever forget a sunscreen. Never!


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  1. Completely agree. Chemical peels never work, its a waste a money


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