Monday, January 8, 2018

Our this month's favorites - Jan' 18

So, we thought to start a series of our favorites - which can be anything for the month :)

And which is a better month to start than January - the first month of the year...

Well, without wasting any further time, let me jump on to my personal favorites for this month. They are all used by me on a regular basis and trust me, I am in love with the products I am listing down here.

So, let's start:

1. The first product that I love this month is my fav kajal: Lotus Ecostay. I am a huge Kajal fan, and you know I love to try new brands in the same. But once I bought and used this one, there was never a need to find something else. It's just so perfect! Its super dark, it gives you that perfect black shade in just one stroke, it doesn't get smudged easily. What else do you need in a kajal? I will also talk about its somewhat cons in my review post. Till then, try it and you will not be disappointed.

Price: Rs 244 for 1.2 Gms 
Where to find: Click here

2. Cipla Rivela tint sunscreen lotion (SPF 50): I do not step of the house without sunscreen, I am kind of paranoid when it comes to these. And so, I always keep on searching for new and better sunscreens. And recently, I bought this one from Apollo medical store. And fell in love with it. It's so light on the skin that you do not feel anything. It gives a tinted beautiful shiny shade to the skin, I just love it! And yes, I can feel the effect of the same on my skin whenever I am out in the sun. 

Price: Rs 505 for 50 ml
Where to find: Click here

3. After Bath Body Oil: I am a fan, a big fan of oils, but sadly one cannot apply those after bath - they tend to smell and stain the clothes. Until recently I found out the perfect oil for applying after bath on I am on my 3rd bottle and trust me these oils are so amazing: so light, gets into the skin immediately without leaving a trace behind, they leave this beautiful aroma on the skin that remains for 3-4 hours after applying and these oils keep the skin moisturized for long. Doesnt this sound close to perfection? It does and it is!

Price: Rs 499 for 100 ml
Where to find: Click here

4. Organic Harvest - Neem Tulsi Toner: I guess I spoke about this one in my last post as well. You can imagine my love for it. Trust me guys, this toner leaves my soft and clean. After applying it your skin actually feels good. I am already on my 4th bottle of it :)

Price: Rs 393 for 125 ml
Where to find: Click here

5. Garder Street - Glow (whole leaf green tea): And this one my recent favorites. I used to hate green teas until I tasted this one. It tastes so nice, so amazing that I actually cannot explain in words. There is an exotic collection of green teas on And this one named as "Glow" is with Hibiscus and Marigold and you can actually feel the taste and aroma of these. 
Price: Rs 450 for 20 sachets
Where to find: Click here

Hope you liked these favorites of ours. Try them and you will not be disappointed. Do let us know how you liked any of the products, if you use them :) Till then, keep smiling and be happy

- Shivani Singh

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