A marketing manager in an IT firm by profession, I play various and different roles in the other part of my life. An avid reader, a dark chocolate eater, wild, passionate, Shy at times and OCD-ic the other times, an untamed shopaholic, a packrat of shoes, jewelry, bags and clothes, a fashion addict…
This blog evolved from two friends, who share a common love (apart from many others) of getting dressed up, of trying new stuff and their love for fashion and style,
I love reading fashion blogs, and all these wonderful women out there with their amazing blogs had been our inspiration for this blog.
I love dressing up… Just love it… I love experimenting, I love adding new styles to my diary… This all kind of gives me a kick… it makes me happy…
And my style is very simple, I do not believe in buying very expensive stuff because I just wear or use it once or twice… And this was probably one more reason for me to become a part of a fashion blog: to help young women all over, to understand and be inspired by my personal style – which is not at all expensive, is quite affordable and can surely make you look like a rockstar! Guess, this is one thing that I miss: nobody to guide on street-styles: the simple one which are highly stylish and something that doesn’t leave a hole in the pocket. You will get a lot of stuff on Manish Malhotra’s, Sabyasachi’s and alikes on net. But then its just not possible for a common girl/woman to afford these. We can afford a piece or a two of these. But can we have a full wardrobe of them? No! And that’s the reason I thought to come on a blog with super affordable styles
All I hope is that every woman or girl out there finds a little bit of herself in me…

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