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  • Shivani Singh

A Small Trip to Nahan, Himachal

Sometimes all you need is a laid back life close to nature, absolutely away from all the hustle bustle of the city, where you can feel the silence, hear the chirping of the birds and the sound of the flowing water.

If you’re looking for such a place then, i am going to tell you about this amazing camp which is not too far from Delhi.

In March, I went to this beautifully done place called Camproxx in Kangojodi which is in the middle of a pine forest surrounded by majestic mountains and lush green fields near Nahan, Himachal. It’s a perfect off-beat place in Himachal if you are seeking some peaceful and stress free time with yourself. It gives you plenty of time to go deep and find yourself basically to make a real connection with yourself.

The best part is – it is not at all overcrowded or commercialised like any other hill station. If you wanna be adventurous, they also offer you some activities such as single rope walk, monkey bridge, burma bridge to name a few. You can also go for a small trek into the forest or just sit by the stream and relax. If you wanna have some fun, don’t worry, they can plan a perfect party ambience for you.

It was a short trip and we were there for three days. Let me tell you about my day-wise itinerary :

Day 1: We left around 7 in the morning from Delhi and reached the camp at around 3. In between we took a long break for breakfast. And some small breaks for refreshments.

After reaching Camproxx, we were served a delicious lunch – homemade food! After getting some rest, somewhere at 7, we sat down by the stream to chill out. It was so serene and filled with tranquility that I cant tell you.

At night, we had a bonfire which was beautiful – we sang, danced and just had a beautiful time away from the bustling city. We partied till our bodies actually started freezing. By the way, the place has 5 adorable super friendly dogs who are an absolute delight as pets. They can also accompany you wherever you go. If you’re a dog lover then this place has an additional reason for you to visit.

Day 2: The next day, as super excited as I was, I got up super early and went for a small hike to an open field area (at the backside of the camp). All I did was sit there and meditate and seriously it was one of the best meditations that I ever had! It was just so easy to meditate there because there was so much peace and absolutely no noises. Everything was so calm and I just felt super relaxed. I was there for some 3 hours – sitting there in tranquility.

Anyway, so when everybody was awake we went for an awesome breakfast. Post which we went to the backside field again and played some games there – it had already become my fav place!

We came back, had lunch, took some rest and then went for a hike in the forest. It was a long one, but the surroundings made it all worth it! Such superb green lush forests, absolutely clear blue sky, chirping of birds, and serenity! I had an awesome blissful noon.

At night, we again went to the backside of the camp (by now you would know that it became a fav spot for all of us) to experience the extreme silence of the forest and to watch the beautiful clear blue sky. And I cannot tell you in words, the thing that I experienced that day – in complete silence, complete – absolute darkness – not fear but magic amidst the whispering sound of the leaves, the stars and the sky. Everything felt so close. We sat there for a while in absolute silence for a really long time.

Day 3: The last day, it was raining so couldn’t go to the field to meditate but I got up early, sat by myself and watched the rain, played with the dogs, just strolled around aimlessly. Then we went for breakfast.

Soon after it stopped raining and the sky became clear. That day we had a plan to try some of the adventure activities available but the trainer couldn’t come due to some reason. So we went for a stroll in a nearby forest, came back and had lunch. At night, we watched a movie on a projector setup near the bonfire. And that is how we called it a day!

Everything was super awesome about that trip. The host, Saurabh, took care of our every small need and detail and treated us with great hospitality – he made sure we were super comfortable and enjoyed our stay.

I would totally recommend you to visit there.

One suggestion: Always carry a jacket or a pullover otherwise you’re gonna freeze there – even in summers. As the sun goes down, it becomes quite chilly.

How to reach Camp roxx:

It is located less than 300 kms from Delhi, a drive of 5.5 hours by road. The best way to reach kangojodi is to drive or hire a cab or else you can take a bus from ISBT and get off at Ambala and from there you can hire a cab or ask the property owner to arrange a cab for you till the camp roxx.

Contact no: 099110 24426

Places to visit near Camproxx (in Nahan): Rani Tal, Churdhar Peak, Jamu Peak, Renuka Lake, Rajbans, Triloknath Cave Temple, Jaitak Fort, Girinagar

BTW, it was my first family trip!

Here are some pictures for you:


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