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Major Brands that I worked with


Hi! I’m Shivani

A Solo Traveller, A Documentary Maker and A UX Designer

A marketing manager and a UX/UI designer by profession, I love to sketch, write and explore different places. I am a solo traveler and a mini-documentary maker. I enjoy producing videos and have collaborated with multiple tourism boards and corporations to create engaging video content for their needs.

My love for travel comes from my experiences in my first company, where I was fortunate enough to get to go to some very exotic locations for work. I actually cannot thank them enough for giving me those chances which led me to explore this passion of mine!

I have realized that traveling for me is just not for leisure or a getaway from the grind! It is something that I love doing, it’s my passion! I love going to different places, interacting with people from different cultures, and having my coffee in those cute little cafes. These experiences give me immense joy and happiness!

Also, I am a promoter of responsible traveling. I believe in taking care and being responsible for all the aspects: environmental, social, and economic aspects of any place I visit!

When work or travel is not keeping me busy, you will find me sketching or reading.

  1. I designed the first Smart city app and citizen portal of India: Smart Vijayawada.

  2. I conceptualized and designed the poster used by Sri KTR, Hon’ble Minister of IT, Telangana for the launch of the T-COVID ’19 mobile app for the citizens to curb the challenges posed by the Corona Virus.

  3. I designed the COVID' 19 app for the Telangana Government.

  4. I am a marketing and design mentor for Telangana's startup initiative: Telangans AI Mission and T-Hub as well.

  5. I was listed in Top 25 Digital Creators, India by Samsung in 2021.

  6. I am part of an official influencer’s club of Instagram called ‘Born on Instagram’.

  7. I got featured in July’s edition of Instagram’s newsletter and one of my videos was featured in June’s edition. yayyyy!

  8. One of my videos stood at 1st place in a competition of making videos on – ‘The travel highlights of the last year‘. It was collectively selected by my fav travel bloggers – Bruised Passport and the FB and Instagram Strategy Team!

  9. I have been featured in publications like Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, The Hans India, You and I Magazine, AMN News, Startup India Magazine, Newstrack, Ajio Website, Republic TV, etc. You can check them out here

  10. I was listed amongst the ‘Top 10 travel bloggers: Hyderabad (India) – 2019’

  11. My first solo trip was when I was just 21!


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