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  • Shivani Singh

Kathmandu (Nepal): The Valley of Temples!

I wish I could describe Kathmandu in one word, but that would not be enough! The city is beautiful on one hand but Crazy and chaotic on the other. It is filled with historic places and temples.

The city is spiritual, haphazard, fascinating and vibrant. Even all these adjectives are not enough to describe Kathmandu. It is absolutely unique and different. Its beautiful and wonderful in every way!

Nepal is one of the most fascinating places to visit on earth.

I was in Kathmandu for a few days and they were totally amazing! Given Nepal’s incredible terrain, it‘s no surprise that it is one of the world’s most popular destinations for travel.

Let us dive straight into the complete details.

So, lets discuss the must-visit places first. While in Nepal, you have to visit:

Pashupatinath Temple

Boudhanath Stupa


Kathmandu Durbar Square

Kumari Bahal

Budhanilkantha Temple

Hanuman Dhoka

Kopan Monastery

Taudaha Lake


While in the city, don’t miss the incredible street art and gallery scene.

Let us talk about the other facilities. Transport can be a problem there. Though there are buses and other form of transports – but it can be a problem to get them. You will have to get onto an overcrowded minibus or flag an overcharging taxi. Buses are cramped, and so cabs are the best form of transport within Kathmandu. It’s also the cheapest way to get around town. It is a safe place to travel solo, but just be careful (like for any other city). You can stroll through the backstreets and explore Kathmandu’s timeless cultural and artistic heritage. And trust me, the sights that will get revealed will be unbelievable. There are hidden temples overflowing with marigolds, and tiny cute hobbit-sized workshops.

Now the last and the best part. Go hiking! You have to! Explore the hills, trek through or cycle along the hills and that is when you realize that Kathmandu is just not about temples, historic squares and ancient monuments.

There are four big hills around Kathmandu: Phulchoki, Shivapuri, Nagarjun, and Champadevi.

Hike the trail from Sundarijal to Chisapani, in the northeastern edge of the valley, If it is a clear day, you can see the Langtang mountain range, and you may see those amazing beautiful birds in the woods.

This fascinating and enticing city has enough to keep you busy for atleast 10 days. I will suggest to just do a backpack trip to Nepal and that will make your experience much better!

Cheers and do let me know in comments if you need any information about travelling to Nepal.


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