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  • Shivani Singh

Tanzania: The African Beauty

Tanzania was my first trip to Africa and it is needless to say, it was surely one of the best too! Africa is a raw beauty, its still so unexplored and untouched by human intervention that it looks and feels serene!

So, Tanzania happened for me few years ago. But the memory of its rugged yet mesmerising beauty is still so fresh! I still remember my first feeling when I landed in Dar es Salaam – It was a bout of fresh air. And when I started seeing around – I realised that Africa is like no other place in the world.

Tanzania is a beautiful country with all the best things wrapped up in one adventurous package: Wildlife, beaches, awesome people, fascinating culture, Safari etc with beautiful scenic places like Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Mt Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Archipelago – the country has all!

Let me not waste another sec now and take you directly into what and how you should be planning your trip to Tanzania.

So I was there for almost a month – went for work. The place is very very safe as I used to roam around alone – without anyone. I used to just take a cab and go where-ever I wanted to and whenever – trust me I have gone to dinners and all alone in the nights. Not even once, I felt unsafe there. I don’t know why people have this notion about Africa that it is dangerous and all. It is just about taking those little precautions and be little cautious (that you have to do anywhere in any country of the world!). That is it! Tanzania is one of the safest countries in the continent. While safari areas are quite safe, you need to be extra careful when on roads.

Talking about language: People speak Swahili there so you might feel a little out of place sometimes – but guess, it is manageable!

Food: You just do not have to worry about it! You get everything there- specially Indian food. The hotels and restaurants provide cuisines from all around the world, so you can relax in that area!

Anyway, so few places I would suggest you should definitely go when you are in Tanzania are:

Serengeti National Park

Mt Kilimanjaro National Park

Ngorongoro Crater


Ruaha National Park

Lake Victoria

I booked an Emirates flight, with a halt in Dubai. Tanzania has two main airports – Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, and Kilimanjaro International Airport near Arusha. These are the two main ports of entry for international visitors. With the exception of a handful of African countries, most nationalities require a visa for entry into Tanzania. Indians can apply online for Tanzania Visa . Through an online application, Indian nationals can easily obtain their visa to travel to the country.

What time to travel to Tanzania? Well, the best wildlife viewing months in Tanzania are during the dry season: late June to October. The best chance of seeing the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti is during June and July. The dry season also brings with it cooler temperatures and lasts from June to September.

Now, Tanzania lies just south of the equator and on the whole enjoys a tropical climate. The heaviest rain in Tanzania falls from March to May, while a shorter rainy season occurs between October and December.

For experiencing Safari, I will suggest to book a package well in advance. There are some aweosme pre-created packages available. The range depends on you: there are delux or luxury packages, family packages, romantic packages and explorer packages available pre-trimmed as per your need.

And you can book them from:

As driving distances can be quite long while on safari, it is advisable to dress light and comfortable. Also carry some warm cloths for the evenings, because they tend to get a bit cold

Tanzania is a little conservative country, so I would suggest not to wear very revealing cloths, but shorts, tees, dresses are perfectly fine!

One more important thing, always keep your first aid kit with you – always. There are several vaccinations recommended for travel to Tanzania, including hepatitis A and typhoid. Depending on where you’re going, anti-malaria prophylactics may be necessary, while proof of yellow fever vaccination is compulsory if you’re traveling from a yellow fever endemic country.

Regarding the connectivity, there are four mobile providers in Tanzania: Zain, Zantel, Vodacom, and Tigo; all of which offer roaming services. I would suggest to take a sim from any of the these providers and get a 15-day package – thats the best and the cheapest option! Mobile network coverage for both data and phone calls is quite good across Tanzania. You should still be able to access your phone while on safari, although some areas of the national parks do not receive coverage.

I hope this article was of help! Do not forget to let me know in comments – if you need any more information or if you are planning for a vacation to Tanzania.



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