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  • Shivani Singh

Trinidad and Tobago (West Indies): Unknown Islands of the Caribbean!

Caribbean really resembles the wildest imagination. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Author and Nobel Laureate

They call it a lonely planet: Caribbean, I call it the doorway to music, love, nature and dreams!

Why? Because the Caribbean is a paradise of raw beach and mountain landscapes, natural reserves, festive culture, and exotic islands. And 2 of such islands that I traveled are “Trinidad and Tobago”. They are dual-islands situated near Venezuela, with distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines. Trinidad is one of the most unknown countries in the Caribbean, where mass tourism has yet not started. And that is the reason it is still beautiful!

You can explore and discover a country that is still so much close to nature and is so much unaffected by the outside elements.

Trinidad is still like any other normal city by the ocean with buildings and bustling with people and regular life. While Tobago has the beauty that you’d expect from a Caribbean island, with palm trees and white sand aplenty, and beaches with different colors! Combined, this twin-island offers unparalleled adventures, tourist spots, waterfalls, beaches, and luxuriant rainforests perfect for a vacation! And BTW, their carnival is something that everyone has heard about: its electrifying and fabulous.

Trinidad has several beaches – and I loved all of them – totally! They are so clean and pristine that being an Asian you would just fall in love with their natural transparent beauty! But then it is actually Tobago that takes away the breath and points too when it comes to beaches. Its shores are unimaginable and indescribable. Its lush flora and fauna, waterfalls, lovely people, amazing colorful culture! How can one resist all of it??

Now let me tell you some places that you definitely need to visit and things you cannot miss if you are in this island.

  1. Do not miss going to Tobago! There are many boats/ferries every day that starts from Trinidad – just take that (it’s not even expensive – its around $50). It takes around 3 hours.

  2. In Tobago, you have to go to Argyle Falls! Beaches that you should aim to visit are: Pigeon Point, Campbellton Bay, Parlatuvier Bay, Speyside, Tyrell’s Bay, Lovers’ Bay, and Englishman’s Bay.

  3. Few things that you should do when you are in Tobago: Tobago Buccoo Reef Glass Bottom Boat Tour, Turtle Watching, Sunset Cruise, Rainforest Tour, and Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool Adventure.

  4. Now, while in Trinidad, it is a must to explore the atmospheric downtown and city sights of Port of Spain. You definitely need to try ‘Doubles’ which is actually our Indian Poori-Chole. The taste of doubles is unforgettable guys – I can write it in the capital! It’s amazing! In fact, all the street food in Trinidad is out of the world.

  5. When in Trinidad you need to visit panyards and party at Ariapita Ave or at the fabulous Carnival.

  6. Regarding how to dress! There is absolutely no restriction – nothing. It is one of most chill places that I have visited. You can wear whatever you want. Just do not worry about it.

  7. Carnival happens generally in the months of Feb or march – so if you are going there, I would suggest to definitely plan in these months where you can experience the fabulous and stunning Carnival

  8. Grande Riviere: You can watch leatherback turtles laying eggs on this remote Trinidad beach (March to August)

  9. You can drive through the city, drive through the city’s bustling streets to Independence Square, known for its imposing Central Bank and lively shopping streets. You can visit the Museum of Natural History, Queen’s Park Savannah, which is home to exotic trees and charming colonial mansions marked by intricate architectures. In the night, plan to go to Avenue: a street famous for its thriving nightlife.

  10. Finally, you can plan to go to Fort George which is at an elevation of 236 feet (72 m) above sea level. Panoramic views from this vantage point stretch as far as the hills of Venezuela, obviously depending on the weather.

The place is safe – from my point of view. Again, I always write this in every post of mine. You always have to be cautious, no matter where you are! Just that while in Trinidad, I used to get this advice of avoiding few places – just not to near-by as well. Transport is also not an issue: you easily get cabs there. I took a local sim from TSTT, which is a local operator there and it was not at all expensive.

So, this is all I have to share about Caribbean in this post. Do let me know if you want to know something in specific or if you are planning a trip to Trinidad and Tobago



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