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  • Shivani Singh

Banswara, Rajasthan – The City Of 100 Islands

Banswara – The City Of 100 Islands is located around 150 kms from Udaipur, Rajasthan.

It is called so due to the presence of various islands on the Mahi River named Chachakota – the place where the islands are located. During monsoons, the region is surrounded with natural waterfalls including Kagdi fall, Juha fall, Kadeliya fall, Bhuadara fall, Jhulla fall and cha-cha falls.

Do you know, tropic of cancer passes through this district! Yes! Also since antiquity, Banswara has been the land of tribes. The city is actually named after King Bansiya Bhil or the “bans” or bamboo forests in the area…

So during my trip, I went to Chachakota, Kadeliya falls, and many temples.

The district is a mix of different geographies with fertile plains of many crops covering the entire central and western regions, while the Aravallis range make up the eastern side.

It is a land of grass-covered hills rising slowly from the lush green landscapes, rivers, lakes, islands, mysterious forests, astonishing waterfalls which hold within its bosom many unseen and unexplored natural things.

It is an unseen beauty of Rajasthan!

Everything from the ancient temples, the landscapes, the scenic beauty and its colorful and unique culture make this place as one of the best tourist places near Udaipur. The city has something for everyone – families, backpackers, honeymooners, solo travellers and more.

Banswara has many fascinating things to see and experience. Travel to Banswara and you will find everything, from spectacular scenery to vibrant cultures and soul-stirring places to mouth-watering food.

So if you are in Udaipur next time, do not forget to make a trip to Banswara. You will be absolutely amazed to see its vibrant and colourful culture, places and people!

Below is a video of Banswara:

Below are some pictures that will blow your mind away:


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