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  • Shivani Singh

Countries open for travel from India

Covid-19 has been a great fear for us to travel around to explore and relax. Masks and sanitizers gave us a thought of not leaving our home. This pandemic was a difficult period, mainly for travelers. Even when the cases were rising in India, many countries banned their entrance for us. But surprisingly, it is not the same anymore! Now we can travel the world safely if we follow the guidelines and rules given by nations’ governments.

Many countries eased their restrictions for travelers, but the rules and procedures differ as the cases even rise suddenly. Below are some of the countries that are open for travel now from India:

United Kingdom

To fuel your wanderlust UK announced the ease for Indian travelers by moving India from high alert “Red list” to medium risk “amber list.” As per the announcement of Covid-19 rules on 8th august 2021, fully vaccinated (vaccinated with two doses) Indian travelers are no longer obligated to undergo a 10-day quarantine rule in hotels. But on arrival in England, for your safety and hygiene, it is required to quarantine at home for at least eight days and take the Covid-19 test after two days from arrival or at the end of the quarantine period.


Spain is wholeheartedly welcoming Indian travelers after a long break due to Covid-19. It has already opened the consular offices so one can apply for a Spain visa. As per guidelines, only fully vaccinated people can fly to Spain jabbed with Covishield whereas, Covaxin (type of vaccine provided to Indians) is not approved there yet. Now, nothing can stop you from safe traveling. Go, pack your bags!

United States of America

Isn’t this exciting that the USA has eased Covid-related restrictions on travelers from India. As per the rules provided by the United States of America government, fully vaccinated people can fly there with a report of Covid-19 as unfavorable. After arriving, one should quarantine himself at home for seven days and take the Covid-19 test for further confirmation. The USA has also eased their in-country rules for Covid-19 for people jabbed with two doses. All public places are open, and masks are not mandatory for anyone now. Anyone can freely move there for wandering around.


The tranquil water and calm beaches is all you need to relax after a stressful lockdown. The island, which earned lakhs of tourists during the Covid-19 period due to fewer cases, allows tourists from India who are fully vaccinated. On arrival at the island nation, the quarantine is no longer mandatory. All you need is a negative RT-PCR report which should not be more than 96 hours old.


Hub of vibrant cities, Russia is now open for Indian travelers. However, several steps are there to keep in mind while traveling to the nation. Firstly, the travelers need to present the RC-PCR report as unfavourable to enter the country, and this test must be done within 72 hours before arrival. In the end, when the traveler lands there, they have to undergo post arrival test, and if found positive, they will be hand over to Covid testing facilities.


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