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  • Shivani Singh

Curaçao (Caribbean): An Island Country!

Have you heard about this beautiful island with pristine and clear beaches tucked into coves, an island that has expansive coral reefs rich with marine life, an island that also has beautiful architecture? Well, that is Curaçao for you. A small beautiful Caribbean island off the Venezuelan coast. I happened to be there only for a day, but that one day in that beautiful country is one of the most precious moments that I have saved for life in my memory!

So, here I am telling you all about what to do in Curaçao if you only have one day in hand!

So I landed in the morning, and had to leave next day afternoon so I had a few hours over 24 hours! And boy, I wanted to make the maximum use of it.

I hired a cab and asked her (and my cab driver was a beautiful woman) to take me around the best places in Curaçao. Locals are obviously the best guides!

She first took me to Explore Willemstad, the capital city and I tell you it was one of the most beautiful places I have seen with such colorful buildings! Now let me tell you the places that I visited:

We covered the craft market and floating market,. BTW, do not miss the amazing street art and quaint architecture while travelling. Then we went to see Queen Emma Bridge towards Otrabanda.

We also saw Kura Hulanda Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now, I am a total beach person and I had to visit a beach in Curaçao, I did not want to miss it for anything! So, went to Mambo Beach Boulevard.

Few more places that I remember visiting: Rif Fort, Wilhelmina Park and Kura Hulanda.

It is a completely safe place: I went through the whole place alone in just a cab! And I wouldn’t miss to mention that the people of Curaçao are just so amazing!

And you know another best part of this island? there are so many beautiful cute cafes out there!

I think if anytime, you plan to go to Caribbeans, you should definitely cover Curaçao. It is a gorgeous country with stunning beauty!

And now time for the worst part: I lost my camera on the way and lost alll my pictures! Yes, and since then I have stopped using cameras! I just use phone… I had some pictures in my phone and posting just them 😦

Anyway, if you plan a trip to this beautiful island, leave a comment 🙂


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