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  • Shivani Singh

Hampi: City of ruins

Hampi is an ancient city in the south Indian state of Karnataka.

The place is filled with numerous magnificent ruined temple from the Vijayanagara Empire. It is located on the south bank of the River Tungabhadra and is around 300 kms from Bangalore and 371 kms from Hyderabad. Its proximity to the major cities in South India makes it very approachable and convinient.

We travelled from Hyderabad and hired a mini-bus. Thats all – we had put in google maps and it took us around 7 hours to reach the place. We stayed in Sri Laxmi Golden Beach Resort and it was beautiful! Just behind the resort is the shore and you will totally love it. Even the resort is very rustic, raw and wonderful. Do not expect any luxuries – it is a place in the middle of the nature, just enjoy that!

There are other good hotels as well like Kishkinda Heritage, Clarks Inn. But I will suggest to stay in a resort.

And if you want to go for some adventure, Hampi is a great place to camp at. Matunga hill is one of such great spots in the city

Places to see in Hampi:

Vittala Temple Complex

Virupaksha Temple: 7th century hindu temple and its a MUST-WATCH!

Lakshmi Narsimha Temple

Elephant Stables

Monolithic Bull

Queen’s Bath

Balakrishna Temple

Do not miss to watch the sunset at the hilltop

Best time to visit Hampi is from August to March. The weather during this time stays very pleasant and makes it easy for the travelers to explore Hampi, otherwise the city can get really hot and uncomfortable.

Also, will suggest to take enough cash with you needed to survive for your trip. Because there are hardly any ATMs (you may have to travel long distances for to find one) and there might be dearth of cash in them as well! So, if you want to have a smooth trip without huddles, carry cash 🙂

You can wear whatever you want there. But then, when you are going to temples – I will suggest to wear something not revealing. Also, take cotton light cloths – something with very easy-breezy fabric. The place is hot even in pleasant weather.

Rest: cabs is the best mode of transport there – you can go wherever you want!

Comment and do let me know if you are planning a trip to Hampi! I am here to help 🙂


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