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  • Shivani Singh

Innsbruck (Austria): Perfect Mix of Imperial and Modern Architecture.

Innsbruck, the capital of Austria’s western state of Tyrol, is a colorful and picturesque city nestled in the Austrian Alps. They say ‘Past and future meet in the heart of the Alps – in Innsbruck’.

Innsbruck sits right in the middle of a valley and it surrounded by enormous, snow-capped mountains. This is a city with endless views – it is a sight to behold! Its beautiful!!

Coveted by empires and republics throughout its history, Innsbruck was the seat of the imperial court of Maximilian I by the end of the 15th century.

The alpine scenery of Innsbruck together with its charming meadows set against snowy peaks is a sight to behold. Nestled amidst snow-capped mountains, the city of Innsbruck is spread out along the banks of the River Inn.

The city is known for its Imperial and modern architecture, there are many beautiful seeing sights such as Goldenes Dachl – Golden Roof, Hofburg, Hofkirsche, St. Anne’s Column, Stadtturm, Triumphpforte, and Helblinghaus.

Another amazing place to visit is Swarovski Crystal museum & showroom at Wattens – to look at the amazing collection of precision-cut lead crystal glass and other related products. You can admire and shop here to your heart’s delight, amongst the largest exhibits of the Swarovski Crystal collection.

Innsbruck is located on the long, skinny tail of Austria that is right between Italy and Germany. If you have a car, in just 30 minutes you can be in either Germany or Italy (take an international driving license and hire a car and drive down through Europe!).

If you are traveling by rail, the Innsbruck station connects European cities such as Venice, Munich, Salzburg, and Zurich. There is also an airport in Innsbruck.

Let me list down few places that are must-see in this marvellous city!

  1. Altstadt von Innsbruck (Old town): With some of the buildings standing for over 500 years, the Altstadt is the old town centre of Innsbruck and stands as one of the main attractions.

  2. Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahnen: The Innsbrucker Nordkette is a cable car ride of 20 mins that takes you up to Nordkette. You need to see the amazing views of Innsbruck and the jaw dropping mountain scenery surrounding it.

  3. Swarovski Kristallwelten: The Swarovski Crystal World is a magical place and fills people with a sense of wonder and delight. This is a MUST-GO place when in Innsbruck!

  4. The Hofkirche and the Emperor’s Tomb: Innsbruck’s spectacular Court Church, the Hofkirche, was completed in 1563 in the local Late Gothic style.

  5. The Golden Roof: Located in the Altstadt part of Innsbruck, this is considered the cities most famous landmark. The striking roof canopy is made up of 2,738 gilded copper tiles while the lower balconies bear coast of arms relating to the Emperors historical territories.

  6. Maria-Theresien State: Located right in the middle of Innsbruck, this spot is one of the most brilliantly perfect sites in the Austrian city. You will find the area lined up with old houses from 16 and 17th centuries backed with a beautiful vista of mountains.

  7. Tyrolean State Museums: Tyrolean State museum is where you will get to know the history of Tyrol housing numerous works from the Gothic period.

  8. Walking Tour along the River Inn: Several interesting sights lie close to the beautiful riverbanks and esplanades of the River Inn

  9. Few other places are: The Hofburg, The Cathedral of St. James, The Nordkettenbahnen, Maria-Theresien Strasse, The Hofburg District, Ambras Palace, The Bergisel’s Olympic Legacy, Seefeld

There are many options for stay in the city ranging from Luxury hotels to mid-range hotels. If you are looking for a budget hotel then there are many hotels just beside the river like Basic Hotel Innsbruck, Hotel Heimgartl and Pension Bistro.

Trams make getting around the city quick, efficient and cheap. You do not have to worry about the transport!

Austria is one of the best places to visit and enjoy in Europe and Innsbruck is its its heart and the amazing number of places you can see there makes it a perfect place!

So, if you are planning a trip to Austria, do let me know in the comments section 🙂


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