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  • Shivani Singh

How to save money while travelling!

Today I will be writing about one of the most important concerns that we all have while travelling: Saving money!

I believe in Budget/affordable travelling and save money where ever i can while I am on my feet.

So, I thought to mention few things that I do to make my trip affordable here. Well, below they are:

  1. Use public transportation where ever you can. I know this sounds obvious. But trust me, when you are in middle of hectic travels, you tend to take the easy mode of transport like cab.

  2. Try to book your tours in advance.

  3. Always carry some food with you— both for the plane and the trip – I do that! I carry instant noodles, soups, coffee packets – saves me a lot of money – always!

  4. Book hotel rooms that include breakfast in the price or book Airbnb – they are less expensive and more comfortable!

  5. Don’t eat in areas that are close to tourist destinations – they are generally highly priced.

  6. Fly Midweek within the country – this is something that I have been doing since long.

  7. Know the local holiday calendar: Do a bit of research on it. Because landing in a country in a holiday season can actually prove to be expensive for you! Plus it can help you plan your local commute in a much better and cheaper way.

  8. Buy local sim card and do not rely on international roaming on your Indian operator or if you are going to US or Europe, buy your operator’s international packs. They are generally available in both post and pre paid. Keep a tab on phone roaming costs – always.

  9. Weigh your luggage in advance

  10. Don’t open the mini bar – ever like ever!!!

  11. Don’t over-tip: I did this once on a trip to Egypt and trust me I still have regrets of it!

  12. Go street and local shopping – do not go to the malls and designer shops – I again learnt this hard way!

  13. Don’t go to shops suggested by your guides or driver: Again I really suffered once because I was trying to be nice! And boy, I ended buying stuff for $300 that was of NO-USE to me!

  14. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle – always.

  15. Always withdraw money; never exchange or best is to use your card wherever possible.

  16. Don’t try to go everywhere on your list in one trip.

Create a budget and stick to it!

The biggest costs in traveling are transport and accommodation. If you can figure out these 2 things before your trip starts: you are sorted out!

Do comment if you think I have missed out something!

Ciao 🙂


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