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  • Shivani Singh

The best romantic places on earth!

So I get so many messages from various people asking me about the best romantic places for honeymoon on the planet and so, I thought to write about it.

Also, the places that I am going to mention here are not just from the places that I have visited, but also from inputs that I took from my friends.

Without wasting any further time, lets dive into it. So here is the list:

Maldives: You must have certainly heard about this: it is said to be romantic. I have never been to the country, but I have many friends who visited the place on their honeymoon and they just cannot stop talking about how beautiful it is. Maldives is known as one of the most romantic archipelagos in the world. Its actually a paradise with white sand beaches, incredible marine life and a crystal clear blue sea, with a color so intense you won’t believe is real!

Paris, France: How can someone not mention Paris, while talking about love and romance. I have been to this place few years back and I can vouch for the fact that it is one of the most romantic places on this planet! You can literally feel love in the air in this city and witnessing Eiffel tower in the dark with all those lights can easily be the best romantic experience for anybody!

Venice, Italy: The floating city of gondolas and canals is the epitome of romantic! It is a city between dreams and reality. The timeless beauty of this city is bound to seduce you, it is beautiful and out of the world!

Bali: Again I have never been to Bali, but my friends have and the experience that they narrate surely makes it in my list of the most romantic places on this planet. Catch a fast boat from Sanur and escape the main island of Bali for a few days. Explore the smaller islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. Take a romantic stroll along the iconic yellow bridge to Nusa Ceningan or take a day to explore Ceningan Island and ask friendly locals the prime, secret spots. They say it is all heaven!

Santorini, Greece: Santorini is said to have an irresistible appeal for love and romance. With its whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches, the city is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Enjoy a scenic walk along one of the many trails, watch the sunset sipping fine wine while eating some delicious food, hand in hand with your partner! Doesn’t it sound like a perfect romantic holiday?

Seychelles: My sister went on honeymoon to Seychelles and her pictures made me crave to go to the place so badly! The place is known for its quixotic beauty and monumental luxury. Seychelles offers everything you’d want on your honeymoon – glimmering beaches, exquisite beauty, relish delicacies, heart-warming people and carnival-like spirit of the place.

Cinque Terre, Italy: Often described as paradise on earth, the towns encapsulate mesmerising beauty with the sparkling blue ocean coastline and stone-carved beaches. The vineyards, ancient towers and castles, churches and secluded beaches are breathtakingly stunning! This is one place you’ll be happy to get lost wandering about, only to stumble upon new surprises at every turn.

Scotland: From its grand Old Town medieval architecture to the sleek modern New Town, Scotland is a feast for the senses that can delight anyone. Having earned a reputation as one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world, Scotland exudes a special charm, encased in a thick shroud of culture, history and tradition. 

Brussels, Belgium: The city is the best to stroll through and live the romance. Chocolates, pralines and blossoms: this city has everything that has to offer for honeymoon couples!

Switzerland: It is one of the top choices for honeymoon couples because the country is home to such beautiful and stunning places. It deserves all the attention it gets! Here are a few top honeymoon places in Switzerland for you to visit:

  1. St. Moritz – Beauty Exemplified

  2. Montreux – Exuberant Vibes

  3. Lausanne – Best Party Places

  4. Zurich – Culturally Vibrant City

  5. Geneva – Artsy Metropolis

  6. Interlaken – Scenic Beauty

  7. Lucerne – Winding Lanes

  8. Ticino – Waterfront Promenades

  9. Grindelwald – Snowcapped Mountains

Capetown, SA: People who know me are very well aware of my love for this city! Its my fav city in the entire world and it is such a beautiful mix of everything: picturesque views, blue oceans, remarkable peaks, french ambience, vineyards and exciting spots. Cape Town is home to scenic waterfronts, divine seafood and spellbinding sunsets. Its perfect for honeymoon!

Caribbean Islands: Now while talking of romance, one cannot forget about Caribbeans! I am so lucky to have been to few Caribbean islands and I cannot describe in words: how beautiful and serene they are! There are many choices when it comes to romantic getaways, but when it comes to pure bliss, no place can beat the Caribbean. The best Caribbean islands for couples range from vibrant spots like the Bahamas to secluded luxury on St. Lucia. Sink into the soft sand and sip on cocktails in the warm breeze at these top Caribbean islands for couple: Cuba, Tobago, Curacao, The Bahamas, Guadeloupe, St. Lucia 

So this is my list of few of the best places romantic places on this planet. Do let me know in comments if you think I have missed out something!

Ciao 🙂


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