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  • Shivani Singh

Top 10 mobile apps that I use while travelling

Thank God for digitalization, thank God for all the innovations that are happening in the field of IT and thank God for so many brilliant apps that are there on our fingertips to help us wherever we are, whatever we are doing.

As most of you know, I started traveling in 2010 and that time there were no apps, absolutely no assistance to help people with different things on the go.

But today, we are so blessed to have multiple options that help us to make our journey non-bumpy and stress-free. And this further enables us to enjoy our travels without any frustrations and tensions. Am I not right?

So, here are my fav 10 travel mobile apps that are always there on my phone and help me whenever wherever I go!

  1. Uber: This is a no-brainer! I rely heavily on Uber while traveling. Though in many European countries, Uber is not there (it’s banned like Sweden and Denmark) -> in that case I download the alternate cab apps which exist in those particular countries

  2. Air BnB: Again a no-brainer! I have become aa huge fan of Air BnB from my last trip and I keep it handy now. It helps me get all the details related to my bookings in seconds! Not just that, if you do not like your room upon arrival, just book another one in mins on Air BnB!

  3. Get your guide: My all-time fav app to book activities, site tours, city tours, tickets for boat rides/ city buses, etc. I just love this app as it helps me plan my trip so well in advance and trust me it is so seamless. And all your bookings, tickets, etc are so handy!

  4. Now for language translation, I use many apps: Duolingo, iTranslate, Speak and Translate, Say hi, etc but my fav one is Google Translate! It is an indispensable app for any traveler.

  5. Google Maps: Do I even need to say anything about this one? It is one app that I use the MOST during my travels. Even while in cabs, I keep it on just to make sure we are on the right path (that’s one way of precaution that take to myself safe during traveling solo)

  6. LoungeBuddy: Another fab app! I, sometimes have such huge layovers that it becomes impossible to stay at the airport and that is when this comes handy. With no need for membership to any lounge, all it needs is your card details. On whatever airport you are, it will help you recognize the lounges that you can access without membership. Isn’t it so cool?

  7. Hostelworld: This is a backup app for me for Air BnB. It helps you search hostels nearby you and then, guide you there

  8. Makemytrip: My preferred method for finding cheap flights on the go. The mobile app searches millions of flights and then gives you the best options available: whether it’s the cheapest route, or the easiest one. Other great options are Skyscanner and Hopper.

  9. Tripit: OMG: one app that saves me from all the unorganized travel essentials! This app has helped me tremendously in the last 4 trips. Simply keep forwarding your confirmation emails to and in a matter of seconds, TripIt creates a master itinerary for every trip. How cool?

  10. TrabeePocket: Now while traveling, one of the most important parts (that we tend to ignore) is keeping a track of all your expenses. Right? Now, this app helps you do that in a very organized and efficient way. You can also try Trail wallet

Few other apps that I keep handy apart from the above ones are:

Metric Conversions: Helps me do those confusing metric conversions in seconds.

Couchsurfing: If you’re looking for some free stay with no accommodation cost and also, meet locals while you travel, this is the app for you. Couchsurfing basically connects you with locals who have space in their home for travelers to stay for free. I have never tried it-> it somehow feels scary. But trust me one day, I will for sure!

Other apps that I love while traveling are Happy Cow, Audible, Kindle, GlobeTips, etc!

I hope this will help you plan your mobile apps the next time you travel. Feel free to contact me or comment below if you have any questions related to travel 🙂

Happy Travel


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