Thursday, April 26, 2018

Planning a trip to Grand Canyon (South Rim) - USA

I love traveling... And that too if its a solo trip then I cant tell you the levels of my ecstasy! 

Last year in the month of September, I planned a trip to the US. I was really scared to travel alone but it went on so well, that it made me fall in love with Solo trips again (I used to do that 5-6 years back)

Anyway, so I thought to write a post on one special part of my trip - visiting the Grand Canyon! First of all, it is one of the most majestic things my eyes have ever witnessed. Trust me, it's beautiful and definitely worth a visit 

Anyway, let me directly jump to how I planned my trip

So I planned my trip from New York. From New York, I took a flight to Phoenix with American Airlines and from Phoenix to Flagstaff.

From Flagstaff airport, you need to book a cab (please pre-book it). I booked mine at Arizona Shuttle (

I wanted to stay a night in Flagstaff as I really wanted to experience the small town feel in US. So, I booked my room at La Quinta Inn & Suites Flagstaff through and the place was so serene and beautiful that I cannot tell you.

Next day at around 11 AM, I checked out and took a bus. There are frequent buses from this place to Grand Canyon - you need to take a pass for $25. I should also mention here that My credit card did not work at the swiping machine - just next to the hotel there was a place where there were machines to get the pass. I went to a shop nearby and asked them for help. They had the passes and gave me one in exchange for cash. They charged a fee of $10, which seems ok to me - given the conditions.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I planned to visit the south rim because they say its the most beautiful one.

So, in Grand Canyon, I booked a hotel called Xanterra Grand Canyon South Rim 

I called them and booked it directly (well in advance). The price was $100 per night which I think is brilliant! 

It's a very nice and a safe place to stay. Beautiful rooms they have which is like so close to nature that you would just want to spend all your life there.

Inside the canyon, they have free buses to travel inside, Just grab a map and it will lead you to wherever you 
would want to travel.

First day, I just wanted to see the space around - the forest etc. I explored that.

Second day, I trekked a bit, I just went some 9-12 Kms down, enough to have a glimpse of Colorado river. 
Also because I was wearing my regular shoes and not trekking shoes. Few things to take care of:
  • If you are planning to go down, till the bottom, please carry a good amount of water bottles. I carried 4 and trust me they were finished half way! 
  • Wear trekking shoes, it helps
  • If you are not planning to go down, then I will suggest do not go beyond 10 Kms as trust me, going down is very very easy but coming back becomes really difficult, it happened with me!

Most importantly, enjoy every view while trekking. Do not rush. Trust me, every frame from every inch of your walk is different and beautiful! 

Third day, I just wanted to soak in the beauty of Canyon so I woke up at 5, grabbed a book and went and sat on a very beautiful peak, where I could see the whole of the canyon. It was serene! It was a MOMENT of life

Fourth day, it rained in Canyon and oh my god, I cannot tell you that view!!! I was lucky enough to witness it :)

While coming back, I booked a bus to Las Vegas via Grand Canyon Tour Company. Please carry your passport throughout.

That was my grand moments in the Canyon!!!

And I am surely going to visit that place again :)

Hope this post helps you in planning your trip 


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Our Jwellery Story 2 - Amrapali

Ok, so this is the second post in our series of Our Jewellery Stories. The first one we posted was on our collection from Quirksmith and also our bucket list. In case you have not read it, you can check it out here.

Ok, so let us move on. The second brand that we picked up is one of my personal favorite - Amrapali

I can't find adjectives to describe their pieces - they are gorgeous (and all the synonyms of it), they are beautiful, they are charming and elegant. They are so feminine and gives such a womanlike beautiful feeling when you wear them. Not to mention the colors that they use in their jewelry are marvelous. They use these beautiful subtle shades of blue and peach and purple and pink... Any woman would go mad seeing their beautiful pieces!

Below are some pieces that I own from their collection:

Coin Brooch
Rs 1200
Royal coin brooch with hanging coins and pink flower charms

Talisman EarCuff with Hair Comb
Rs 1800
Royal pink flower earcuff with exquisite talisman hair comb and hanging coins.
You can buy it here

Multi Enamel Coin Earrings
Rs 1300
Classy multi enamel coin earrings with hanging chains.
You can buy them here

I am wearing them here

Coin Charm Anklet
Rs 2000
Exquisite coin charm pair of anklet with beautiful composition of pink enamel flowers,coin charms and chains.
You can buy them here

Talisman Earrings with Hair Chain
Rs 1100
Royal talisman pair of earrings with hair chain and coin.
You can buy them here

 I am wearing them here


Below are few pieces that I want to add in my Amrapali collection:

Silver Oxidised Floral Dome Green Textured Glass Earrings
Rs 3100

Silver Oxidised Tribal Round Filigree Juda Pin
Rs 7500

Silver Oxidised Filigree Textured Spiky Brooch
Rs 3700

Multi Enamel Sun Earrings
Rs 1950

Multi Enamel Warrior Coin Earrings
Rs 2550

Hand Painted Pink Enamel Coin Earrings
Rs 2000

Hand Painted Taveez ring
Rs 2800

Hope you like this Amrapali post in our Jewellery Stories Series...

We will soon be back with another story, more beautiful pieces, and another post. Till then, keep smiling and happy shopping 



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Friday, January 26, 2018

Our Jwellery Story 1 - Quirksmith


And we are back with another post! Some days back we told you via Instagram stories that we are going to soon post on our jewellery collection, so here we are....

To start with we are going to share our jewellery collection from Quirksmith and why we are so crazy about the same

Posting some pictures of our Quirksmith collection below. 

What we love about their jewellery is it's very unconventional, very different from the regular jewellery. It has a charm, a boldness to it. You know it has a statement, it's very feminine on one end but on the other, its striking. It makes you look fearless... 

Have a look at few of my fav pieces that I own and also, the ones in my bucket list :)

Dome Jhumka

Regular priceRS. 4,000.00

Traditional Jhumka with our signature Aztec motif

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 20 gms

 You can buy them here

These are my all time fav!! You can see me wearing these here. It was my love at first sight with them and I bought them instantly, and must say was not at all disappointed :) 

Dhaal Jhumka

Regular priceRS. 5,000.00

Statement Jhumka inspired from the 'Dhaal' or a shield, used by ancient warriors

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 26 gms

 You can buy them here

I am wearing them here

Nakhrewali Brooch

Regular priceRS. 2,400.00

Nakhrewaali - because I am not that easy to please

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 6 gms

 You can buy them here

I am wearing it here and here and here

1. Ghungroo Earplug

Regular priceRS. 1,100.00

Only available in a clipon version. Price is for a single earpiece.

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 3 gms

 You can buy them here

I am wearing it here


2. Trinket

Regular priceRS. 900.00

Comes only in a clip on version. Adjustable in size. Price is for a single piece.

MATERIAL: 92.5 silver

 You can buy them here


3. Tribal Earplug

Regular priceRS. 1,100.00

MATERIAL:92.5 silver

WEIGHT: 3 gms

 You can buy them here

Horse Shoe Nosepin

Regular priceRS. 800.00

Choose your style while ordering - 'Wire' for a pierced nose and 'Clipon' for those with no pierce

Material: 92.5 silver

You can buy it here


And now its turn to reveal my bucket list - Jewellery that I want to add in my collection from Quirksmith :)

Toran Earrings

Regular priceRS. 3,200.00

Inspired by center piece on the head of a grand Dasara elephant

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 16 gms

Kamli Earrings

Regular priceRS. 1,800.00

Kamli is a gullible version of affinity and attraction towards something you desire. Wear it and show off the emotion!

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 3 gms

Nakhrewali Anklet

Regular priceRS. 1,900.00

Price is for a single piece

Material: 92.5 silver

Size: Length adjustable between 9-10 inches

Weight: 5 gms

Turquoise Wheel Nath

Regular priceRS. 1,700.00

Choose your style while ordering - 'wire' for a pierced nose and 'clipon' for those with no pierce. This design is meant to be worn only on the left side of your nose. Incase you have a piercing on the right side, you can choose the clipon option.

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 4.5 gms

Gong Hairpin

Regular priceRS. 2,800.00

Material: Design is 92.5 silver, 
Plain hairpin is 85% silver to ensure requisite strength

Weight: 13.5 gms

Jhumar Earrings

Regular priceRS. 5,000.00

Material: 92.5 silver, Fabricated pearls

Weight: 26 gms

Manjiri Earcuff

Regular priceRS. 2,000.00

Material: 92.5 silver

Weight: 9 gms


Hope you liked our Quirksmith stories. We will be back soon with some other jewellery story. Till then, smile and happy shopping :)