Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Story of a crop top!

I am an impulsive shopper! Period...

I see things, I like them and I just buy them, without any second thought and I end up regretting it most of the times! :(

And the top I am wearing in the below pics is one of those impulsive hauls. Yep! I did not wear it for around an year, but then a fine day I just thought to use it somehow! And tried it with a Saree and Voila! beautiful it looked... Something so chic, so modern, extremely quirky!

Check it out :)

Do let me know your thoughts...

Top: Craftsvilla
Saree: Amazon
Earrings: The Hypeshop

P.S. A confession: neither me nor Shalini is into makeup :( 
P.P.S Our makeup kit have: Kajal, Eyeliner and Lipstick! Yep, I am serious...

The Yellow Valentine

... And finally my partner in crime: Shalini is free, the one I mentioned about in my very first post.

And this is our very first post together. Though we were not 'that' ready for the same, but then these moments had to be captured and had to be shared on the blog.

We met in an extremely beautiful cafe called Velvet Patisserie which is situated in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Hows the place? Well, its very pretty and cozy. And the desserts there... are heavenly delicious! Well, check it out yourself in the pictures below:)

Work mode on!

Isn't the place so beautiful! What are you waiting for? Go, visit and enjoy :)

Shivani's look:
Dress - Stalkbuylove.com
Neckpiece: 20dresses
Stilettos: Myntra
Eyewear: Jabong

Shalini's look:
Skirt: Bossini
Shoes: Bought in Italy
Top: Zara

P.S. BTW, Shalini just styled Shruti Haasan for her upcoming movie...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hyderabad Literary Festival' 2017

Hyderabad witnessed its 7th literary fest last week! I would not say it was fabulous, but it was not even disappointing. It was nice... Guess, thats the word, Nice...

Anyway, so it was held in Hyderabad Public School (HPS), one of the most famous schools in our city. 

I went on the 3rd and the closing day of the fest, which honestly I still regret! Because, that day there were no authors. And when you go to a literary fest, you go with an expectation of meeting a lot of amazing authors, listening to them, talking to them!  And I could not meet any! And that was really a disappointment!

Anyway, so the fest was full of music, dance, cultural events, theatre, film screening, art, paintings, talks, conversations, panel discussions, readings, workshops, exhibitions and book launches (off course). It was basically celebrating creativity in all its forms!

The festival was in its seventh edition, as I mentioned above, was a much bigger and more sumptuous affair with around 30 literary events spread over three days (27th Jan to 29th Jan) with six panel discussions, and eight literary sessions every day. 

There was a huge range of interactive art, cultural events and exhibitions! HLF pays special attention to one Indian language in each edition and this time, the focus was on Tamil language. 

I got to see Shamir Tondon perform. He is best known for his music in Madhur Bhandarkar’s National Award Winning Trilogy: Page 3, Corporate, and Traffic Signal.

He was there with The 6 pack band, who won the prestigious “Grand Prix Glass Lion” at Cannes in 2016. We saw them performing and needless to mention they were just astounding!

Sharing few pictures with you!

My dress: Neerus
Jwellery: Got it from Kolkata
Sunnies: Rayban
Ring (if you can see): thehypeshop

Monday, January 30, 2017

Review: Scholl Diamond Crystals Velvet Smooth Express Pedi electronic foot file

I bought Scholl Diamond Crystals Velvet Smooth Express Pedi electronic foot file. Phewww! Finally I was able to write this complete never ending name. I am going to call it scholl in the rest of the post please!

Yes, so I bought Scholl few months back, after a lot of pushing from inside. I was little skeptical to buy this one, as I am not a very big fan of such products. But then my feet really get dry and they need extra care! So, I thought to take the risk and bought this one. And trust me, I was not at all disappointed.

Its easily one of the best things I have ever bought. I get to give a good (if not awesome) pedicure to my feet, almost every week. It makes your feet soft and just amazing.

I made almost all my friends buy it and they just cant stop thanking me :)

BTW, I bought another one last week. The first one was just taken away by a friend! hmmm...

The first one, I bought it at amazon at full price Rs 2,850
The second one, I got it on discount for Rs 1,499

Try it out if you haven't bought it yet. You can buy it here

P.S I read reviews about it on net before buying and the most common mentioned con about this product was 'it cant be used on wet feet'... For me, it is not a con because I wait for my feet to dry :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goa 1

If there is one place in India that I love, love and love (I can scream that million-billion-trillion times) is GOA!

I make sure to visit the place atleast once a year, with or without my family or friends... I have, infact been there on a solo trip as well!!! Love it so so much!

And I'm in love with its culture, the zeal, the passion you feel in its air...!!!

And at last but not the least its fashion... the style that you get to see there is just so indescribable... You don't get to witness so much fashion and style anywhere in the country... Right?

Here is a series of pictures from the first day of my last trip to Goa...

P.S. Guess, I am going to go again after seeing these pictures... soon!!!

Top and hot pants: Myntra
Backpack: 20dresses.com

Shopping from 20dresses.com

I recently bought a pair of shoes from www.20dresses.com and I just loved them!

The only problem, I guess is with their sizes. Order one size bigger than your regular one.

I generally wear size 39, but on 20dresses, I order size 40!

I have ordered some 3-4 pair of shoes and 4-5 bagpacks from their website and the quality is good for the price. Actually, even their designs are just awesome. They are very different from the regular stuff that you get elsewhere!

Putting up some pictures for my shoes. Cant wait to be in them!

P.S. And this blog is gonna get me killed! How??? My husband will come to know about ALLLLL my shopping now :(